Lost houses: Abercairney to Aytounhill

This is a list of known lost Scottish country houses beginning with the letter A. For a key to the abbreviations used in the Source column, see the Resources page. This list has not yet been checked against all known references, so there may be some omissions. Please send any corrections to aldisley@yahoo.com.

Name Location Built Demolished More information Source
Abercairney Abbey
(Abercairney House or Castle)
Perthshire 1804 Richard Crichton
1842 R&R Dickson (completed)
1869 R Thornton Shiells (tower)
1960 RCAHMS Canmore DCH, LHS, NMRS
Abington House Lanarkshire C19 Kinnear & Peddie (additions) 1898 (fire, replaced by Glengonnar House) RCAHMS Canmore NMRS
Abbotrule House RoxburghshireUnknown 1956 RCAHMS Canmore DCH, LHS, NMRS
Aboyne Castle Kincardineshire 1671 rebuilt
1835 William Burn (additions)
George Truefitt (additions)
1975 (substantially reduced) RCAHMS Canmore Bonty History NMRS, other
Achalader House
(Ballied House)
Perthshire c.1870 John Starnforth Post-WWII de-roofed
(shell remains)
RCAHMS Canmore BAR, SEH, other
Aden House Aberdeenshire 1852 John Smith (enlargement and remodelling) Post 1945, consolidated shell remains in country park RCAHMS Canmore
Aden Country Park
Airdrie House Lanarkshire C19 1964 (after period as maternity home hospital) RCAHMS Canmore History and
DCH, LHS, NMRS, other
Airlie Park Angus After 1954 RCAHMS Canmore DCH, NMRS
Aldbar Castle
(Auldbar, Auldbar Castle)
Angus 1580 Thomas Lyon
1844-54 Patrick Chalmers, gothic additions
1964 (fire) RCAHMS Canmore
Brief history (Gaz)
Allanbank House
Berwickshire 1848 David Bryce 1969 RCAHMS Canmore DB, DCH, LHS, NMRS, other

Alloa House

Alloa House was originally a simple classical mansion of 1834-8. In the 1860s, the Earl of Mar and Kellie asked David Bryce to alter and extend the house. Bryce failed to keep on budget, and his plans were rejected, with local architect John Melvin completing the new house in 1869 for roughly half Bryce's quote. Alloa House was entirely demolished in 1955-9.

Image credit: Vintage postcard, collection of the author.

Name Location Built Demolished More information Source
Allanton House Lanarkshire 1809/20 James Gillespie Graham (additions) C20 RCAHMS Canmore History & photos DCH, LHS, NMRS
Alloa House Clackmannanshire 1834-8 George Angus
1866-9 John Melvin (alterations)
1955-9 RCAHMS Canmore DCH, LHS, NMRS
Almondell House Midlothian 1790 Henry Erskine c.1950 (gutted)
1969 (blown up)
Altyre House Moray Late C19 John Kinross (additions)
Early C20 WL Carruthers (additions)
c.1962 RCAHMS Canmore
History (Gaz)
Valentines Photos
Alva House
(Alva Castle)
Clackmannanshire Mid C17 onwards
Late C18 Robert Adam
WWII (shell still partially extant in 1954) RCAHMS Canmore Photo (DiCa) DCH, LHS, NMRS
Amisfield House East Lothian 1756 Isaac Ware
1785 John Henderson (additions)
c.1928 RCAHMS Canmore History (Gaz) DCH, Gaz, LHS
Ancrum House Roxburghshire 1874 Wardrop & Reid 1970 RCAHMS Canmore LHS, NMRS
Annfield House Angus Early C19 David Neave c.1939 DCH, LHS
Annfield House Glasgow 1770 1870 RCAHMS Canmore
Glasgow Gentry
History & photo
Ardeer House Ayrshire Late C18 c.1967 RCAHMS Canmore MA, NMRS, other

Ardmillan House

Ardmillan was a house that changed over time: the contrast between the older castle and the 18th century wing is clear, but the latter was largely reglazed and had a new bow window by the time this photograph was taken by Thomas Annan. Within the next few decades, another bay window was added to the ground floor, and the top floor and gables were recast in an asymmetrical fashion with crowsteps, providing less of a contrast with the tower house.

After a fire in 1973, the shell was gradually demolished in the 1990s. The steps now lead to a children's playground in a static caravan park.

Image credit: The Castles and Mansions of Ayrshire, Alexander Hastie Millar, 1885. Courtesy of East Ayrshire Archives.

Name Location Built Demolished More information Source
Ardencaple Castle (Ardincaple Castle) Dunbartonshire C13 and C16 parts
1786 Robert Mylne
1957-8 (tower remains) RCAHMS Canmore
Valentines Photos
Ardmaddy House
(Ardmaddy or Armaddy Castle)
Argyll C18
1838 James Gillespie Graham
1862 David Bryce (carried out GG's plans)
1924 Thomas McCrae (alterations)
1978-9 (except C18 wing) RCAHMS Canmore
Gardens (open to public)
NMRS, other
Ardmillan House
(Ardmillan Castle)
Ayrshire Late C16 (tower)
Late C17 (alterations)
C18 James Smith (classical additions)
1908 additional bow and crow-stepped gables
1973 gutted by fire
1990 C18 wing demolished
1990s remains demolished
Ardoch House Perthshire 1826 William Stirling (additions) Shell remains RCAHMS Canmore DCH, LHS, NMRS
Ardwell House Wigtownshire C17
1869 Brown & Wardrop (additions)
1956 (except C17 wing) RCAHMS Canmore NMRS
Armadale Castle (Armidale Castle) Skye 1803/15/22 James Gillespie Graham (not completed)
1855-7 David Bryce (additions)
1920-8 John Wittel (minor alterations)
Shell of Bryce wing and ruin of Gillespie Graham wing "stabilised" in 1981. RCAHMS Canmore
Castle website
NMRS, other
Armiston House Angus DCH, LHS
Aros House
(Aros Castle or Lodge, Dounarwyse, Drumfin House)
Mull 1825 William Burn (not completed)
1875 JM Wardrop (alterations)
1962 (blown up) RCAHMS Canmore
Estate history
Ashcliff House Angus 1854 Charles Wilson
1923 Mills & Shepherd (alterations)
1928 (Harris Academy built on site) RCAHMS Canmore DCH, LHS, NMRS, other
Auchaber House Aberdeenshire Early C19 (W wing) 1927 (except W wing) RCAHMS Canmore DCH, LHS, NMRS

Auchans Old House

Already a near-ruin when this photograph was taken by Thomas Annan in the early 1880s, Auchans Castle soon lost its roof. However most of the walls pictured survive to this day, remarkable considering many lost houses weren't even built when Auchans was abandoned, and that being built as a house rather than a castle, its walls are much thinner than those of true tower houses.

Image credit: The Castles and Mansions of Ayrshire, Alexander Hastie Millar, 1885. Courtesy of East Ayrshire Archives.

Name Location Built Demolished More information Source
Auchans New House Ayrshire c.1819 Robert Wallace 1970 RCAHMS Canmore LHS, MA, NMRS
Auchans Old House
(Auchans Castle)
Ayrshire 1644 (additions)
1667 (additions)
Ruin RCAHMS Canmore Buildings at Risk LHS, MA, NMRS, BAR
Auchernach House Aberdeenshire 1809 (poss. earlier, although date stone from 1832) c.1945 RCAHMS Canmore
Buildings at Risk
Site of house
Auchindarroch House
(Oakfield, Oakfield House)
Lochgilphead, Argyll C18 c.1969 RCAHMS Canmore
Valentines Photo
Auchingray House
Lanarkshire c.1820
1924 ext. John M Arthur
1937 (fire, shell remains) RCAHMS Canmore
Buildings at Risk
NMRS, BAR, other
Auchinraith House Lanarkshire 1809 David Hamilton Post 1945
(shown on 1945-8 1" map)
RCAHMS Canmore
Glasgow Gentry
History & photo
Auchintoshan House
Dunbartonshire C17, "repeatedly added to"
?1809 David Hamilton
(confusion with Auchinraith?)
1890 extended
1941 (WWII bomb)
Remains largely demolished by 1951
RCAHMS Canmore
RCAHMS Can. (2)
Glasgow Gentry
GG, NMRS, other
Auchinvole House
(Auchenvole Castle)
Dunbartonshire C16/C17
C19 (additions)
1965 (gutted, partial)
Remains demolished by 1977
RCAHMS Canmore Photograph DCH, NMRS, LHS
House of Auchiries Banffshire 1715 E block
Mid C18 centre block
C19 E block remodelled
C19, shell extant
(W block still occupied)
RCAHMS Canmore
Buildings at Risk
Council records
NMRS, BAR, other
Auchry House Aberdeenshire 1767
c.1910 alterations William Liddle Duncan
1967 RCAHMS Canmore
Council records
DCH, LHS, NMRS, other


A classic case of confusion, as multiple houses, spellings, and architects have been associated with this area. First Ayton House, of which little is known, gained new stables half a mile south by Peddie & Kinnear (1862). Ayton House is likely to be the house known as Aytonhill on mid-19th century maps. That house was then replaced by the 1876 David Bryce house depicted above, overlooking a newly-created lake near the 1862 stables. The new site took on the spelling Aytounhill, and the previous Peddie & Kinnear connection caused some sources to attribute the house to them, including AH Millar (Fife, Pictorial and Historical, vol. 2). Charles Kinnear trained with Bryce until 1853, explaining stylistic similarities, and the house is in a Manorial style that echoes the large bargeboards of the stables instead of Bryce's more familiar Scots Baronial.

In 1969, the Bryce house was destroyed by fire and demolished. The site stood vacant for about two decades before a new Georgian house was built fractionally nearer the lake. The new house is a very convincing recreation of a Queen Anne country house, with only a comparative lack of chimneys and height suggestive of a more modern origin. Visitors would be forgiven for assuming a house had been on the site for well over a hundred years longer than is actually the case.

Image credit: Fife, Pictorial and Historical, Alexander Hastie Millar, 1895.

Name Location Built Demolished More information Source
Auchtyfardle House Lanarkshire C18
1864 David Bryce (additions)
1957 RCAHMS Canmore DB, DCH, LHS, NMRS, other
Aviemore House Invernessshire 1964 RCAHMS Canmore NMRS, other
Avontoun House
West Lothian Pre 1865 (C18?) Post 1964 RCAHMS Canmore CHB, NMRS
Aytounhill House
(Ayton Hill House, Aytonhill, Ayton Hill)
Fife Before 1862 (earlier house)
1876 David Bryce (new house)
Before 1905 (earlier house demolished)
1969 (fire, demolished)
RCAHMS Canmore DB, DCH, LHS, NMRS, other